about and now I'm keen to put one of my old laptops to work. I like the idea of connecting it, closing the lid, putting it out of the way and then experimenting with some and . I presume this would work just as well with a , but then there's the RAM limitations etc.

@5am Having run a cluster for a few years I can tell you that it's a good system, although I can't yet do everything I'd like from within the gui. It's a nice way to work with LXC containers though. If you plan to run a lot of similar vm's the memory pressure can be somewhat mitigated by Kernel Samepage Merging, but I think the default is that it only kicks in when at 80% used

@espenator sounds good. My usage would be minimal to be honest. Occasional VMs for testing distros, apps, some dev work etc. I'd also have pretty limited RAM initially so may invest in more if I feel I'd use it.

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