@codeberg I recently tried to migrate a repo from GitLab to Codeberg but when trying to view it afterwards I kept hitting a 500 error. Strange as all my others migrated fine. I presume it was a migration issue rather than an issue your end. What are the minimum access permissions needed for read-only migration? If you have any specific migration guides that would be great. Thanks

@5am @codeberg

Since migration do external apis, unexpected things can happen.
They should be handled by #gitea but there are edgecases ...

Please retry and if you still have the issue, can you tell me the repo url (via PM if you dont want to see it in public)

@6543 @codeberg the repo should be at - I forgot to mention before, one of the main catches is that I couldn't even delete the repo and try again. There seemed to be no option to delete repos if I couldn't access it. Kind of a catch-22. I've just tested it and it's still throwing a 500 error.

@6543 I finally fixed my repo issue. It turns out it was just an invalid access token. I had one saved which I was sure was the correct one, but clearly not. When I deleted the repo, added a new GitLab token, everything worked fine. Thanks again.

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