might have more success here than on Reddit, which is just a cesspool of trolls nowadays

What would happen if I used ADB uninstall to cull Google Play Services from my android? Would it brick it? If so, then how would I go about writing an OS using base base base AOSP without any Google implementation whatsoever? (Yes, I know I can't get around the proprietary modem blobs)

Replicant devices are too old. I don't have a device Lineage is built for. Is what I want to envision possible?

A ha, there's my missing notifications issue! Forgot that android has that asinine battery optimizer that kills notifications almost as soon as they arrive. Who thought that up anyway 🙄

Wow, thanks for the love. Two days ago, I didn't even know. Notifications on but not getting them. In Tusky app. How to fix?

I'm still figuring this thing out. Like, is there a wrestling "world" I can follow? How can I find stuff to fill my TL?


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