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Let's try this again!

Hi, folks! I'm Dan the 3D Printing Dad and I'm a big fan of FOSS. I regularly use it with my primary hobby, 3D Printing; FreeCAD for design, a branch of Slic3r for slicing, Marlin for my printer firmware, and Octoprint for printing/monitoring.

Who else remembers growing up and witnessing this "cutting edge" CGI in a music video?

It's finally done. Our two rabbits have had their shots for RHDV2.

One more week for things to take effect and then they'll be a lot safer (and I'll be far less tense).

If you have pet rabbits, please check to see if you can get them vaccinated as well. RHDV2 is horrendous.

Description of minor injury 

I was a bit of a klutz yesterday. I stepped over a barrier we use to keep bunnies out of our bedroom instead of opening it and stepping around. My big toe caught on the carpet, bent back and I fell.

My toe was sore but it wasn't too bad - I could move it with relative ease and nothing looked out of alignment.

Today, the joints are looking all bruised. I appear to have hyperextended and/or sprained the toe. Sigh. Just dumb.

I've got a streak over over 300 days in Duolingo for German...

I still feel hopelessly lost when trying to read German posts on social media. 😢

After a disappointing first layer result on the latest E3D contest print, (the small gear lifted off the bed) I'm reprinting the model on a fresh, never-before-used, Printed Solid textured PEI sheet.

Filament being used is Jessie Red Ice from Printed Solid.

I love FDM 3D printing in part because of the hyper-localized manufacturing it can enable.

Now if there could just be more filament production lines across geographic areas so I could more easily buy local supply, I'd be even more excited.

I want filament manufacturing franchise chains, people! Buy the filament nearby and drop off empty spools in the same trip!

Exhibit A. Your honor, the look of innocence can only mean some other creature tore into this toilet paper roll.

My 12 y.o. daughter is starting an Etsy shop with hand-made items. She's currently working with my wife on making candles scented with essential oils. My wife suggested a fragrance of "Love".

My daughter's response? "Love stinks." 😂

It's a warm day in the house. Time to break out the PC desk fan I designed years back. It uses a 140mm case fan, a USB 5v to 12v step-up converter, and some 3D printed parts.

It's going to be one of those days. High of 34C today and very humid.

I'm not sweating yet but my iced coffee looks like it's leaking water.

Our other mama robin in our back yard has had all her young get their flight wings, so another empty nest. Here is one of the new flyers. About ten seconds later this little one pooped on the railing and flew away. 😂

Dang. Apparently there are many, many doors that need stopping.

My practical doorstop is, by far, my most downloaded model on

What does it say about my habits that I sometimes look for a "like" button on emails I receive?

Many of you may be aware of Torbjørn Ludvigsen's Hangprinter - this is a fantastic open-source printer initially developed over eight years ago and improving ever since.

However, there is a recent US patent for a printer that uses these same concepts. Given the prior art of the Hangprinter, the patent should not have been granted.

If you are so inclined, please spread the word and donate to the effort to challenge this patent and keep the Hangprinter free.

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