Can anyone here help me with onion links opening on Tor to setup and other things on phone....???

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We really need a third web browser against the two big Chrome and Firefox.

Google pays Mozilla to keep them alive and not getting an antitrust lawsuit. Firefox is dying (lost 50M users since 2019), and Google is still the one that does whatever they want to the web (manifest V3, and others) and firefox is forced to follow them or else they die.

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Can anyone give me a recommendation for a FOSS RSS feed reader/aggregator, that is highly customizable?
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China is gearing up to activate the world's first 'clean' commercial nuclear reactor

"The #Chinese government has plans to build more across the sparsely populated deserts and plains of western #China 🇨🇳 as well as up to 30 in countries involved in China's 'Belt and Road' initiative."

LFTRs in 5 minutes - Thorium Reactors

#Bitcoin :bitcoin: #Miner #BitcoinMiner #Mining #BitcoinMining #Hashrate #Nuclear #Energy #Electricity #LFTR #Thorium #BRI

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JUST IN – For the first time ever, a California lender has used #Bitcoin as the source of funds for a refinancing loan.

"This payment method is continuing to grow."

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"Households would eventually see that prices in sats are going down over time." 🤩

Billions of people will [soon] be economically motivated to increase efficiency to drive down prices for everyone.

#bitcoin is hope.
#Bitcoin is freedom.
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@Bitcoinbeach @imf Households would eventually see that prices in sats are going down over time. Subliminally they get it. Takes 3-5 yrs though for it to normalize.

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Seriously considering getting a Pinephone in the near future. I have couple of questions though.

1. Is it reliable as an alarm clock?
2. Is it reliable for regular phone calls and SMS?
3. Does it support electronic ID's (icelandic)
4. How about message notifications, for example when using a matrix/xmpp/etc client. Do you get 'em all the time or do you have to open the app to get messages?


@eayavas hey mate ....what software are you using for production :)

@nihar hey hi...:) may i know what is capsule in your profile info

Bitcoin has just rebounded after massive dip... Good time for buyers who were late to the party...!!!


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