@1g0rb this is really cool! I tried to do a similar thing with a pi zero, but it ended up being more like a mini-desktop rather than a handheld PC. It's really hard to find the balance between compact keyboards, and keyboards that are easy to type with. Same goes for displays.

@wasv thanks! for me it was very hard to keep the size as small as possible while still keeping the specs. this one is quite thick (as pi had to go to the lid and i used huge battery). i realized i haven't uploaded any image of it in closed form - you can check it next to the phone (for reference): hyperglitch.com/articles/hgter

@tuxdevices I think that NanoPi2 UMPC (thingiverse.com/thing:2514014) is a bit thinner but lacking few things I built inside.

@1g0rb Just came to say that that is just AWESOME. And I will probably take some inspiration of the double-hinge you used for my take on it. The only issue I have is the fact that the keyboard is a wireless one, but I love the vibe of those simple tactile switch keyboards like: tindie.com/products/anthonysav
Which I think would suit something like it quite nicely.

@meliorez thanks :)

btw, (additional inspiration :)) the double hinge should be a bit thicker as it got a bit flimsy after some use.

and yeah, it sucks a lot that keyboard is wireless. i was thinking about the tact switch approach but it don't like the look and looks a bit confusing at first. but i started working (i.e. drawn few rough sketches on paper) on similar design with low profile tact switches and some 3d printed overlay on them to get the "keycaps" (and ability for wider space key)

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