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@thegibson my little piece of chaos.
yoga 2 pro with external monitor above it, some electronic equipment and pi+old laptop screen on the wall. in the other corner of the room is a different type of :)

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programable power supply from Envox will support simple function generator in upcoming 1.7 firmware release. here it is playing the tetris theme:

haven't posted anything in a looong's my take on come to daddy by aphex twin (just a short try). played live and recorded directly from the mixer without any post processing (except for the color filter on the video)

sensepeek's PCBite PCB holder and scope probes are truly awesome tool! last week I was (again) in a situation where I was wiggling two scope probes in a very tiny space with one hand and stepping through code with other hand and thinking that there must be a better way :). and this works great both for holding the board and for keeping the probes stable even on tiny QFN pins without having to solder any additional wires

and this was the quickest i've ever set up a new machine. cloned an old disk to a new one using a dd over netcat through ethernet and after some two hours of copying just had to adjust the paths to the partitions and fix resolution and it was pretty much ready. magic!

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my beloved companion for the last 6.5 years is retiring... i don't emotionally attach to a lot of things but this was big part of my life and i'm kinda sad (even though i'll still keep it and i got a new better one). it's still a great machine (i5, 8gb ram, hi-dpi screen, convertible) but due to my work the 8gb of ram was a big limit for the last year (and i hate closing apps when switching tasks :)). it also sucks that you can't get a decent machine in orange color any more

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🎛🎚Free sample pack! 🎚🎛

129 drum/percussion samples I created using a Korg Volca Modular

Please boost! 🔁 I want to empower others to make cool weird music

Dirty, analog, lofi. Use however you'd like, I hope you find the sounds interesting, useful, and/or inspiring

#samplepack #free #analog #lofi #modular #synthesizer #korg #drums #percussion #soundDesign

guitar modding/repair (5/5) 

next part is to check the neck position/angle and make a shim for it and after that drill the holes for the bridge. that probably won't happen before the next week.

and the reason for tune-o-matic bridge is that i have a really cool looking one with a "V" stoptail from my gretsch guitar (before i installed bigsby on it)

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guitar modding/repair (4/5) 

i actually started working on this. first thing, in order to mount new bridge, is to fill the huge hole in the body. i had a piece of hard beech which i cut, sanded and dremeled into shape. first i thought i'll be sanding it for days but then resorted to using dremel with which i made it in under an hour (not perfect but easily fixable with filler). this would be much easier if i had an access to some workshop instead of doing it in my room/office :)

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guitar modding/repair (3/5) 

so, this is the list of things to do:
- tune-o-matic bridge instead of standard strat one (just because :))
- custom 3D printed pickguard to cover all the drillings and to look cool
- use two original pickups together like bridge humbucker (slightly slanted)
- dimarzio fasttrack2 on the neck (i don't really like it but i have it so...)
- various switches
- some embedded FX, probably something like i've done here but never finished:

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guitar modding/repair (2/5) 

rather than just restoring it i wanted to keep the main parts (and spirit :)) and also add some interesting changes to it. first plan (some 5-6 years ago) was to include some onboard FX or just a midi controller) so i already started carving out the place for touch panel. BTW i cut out the biohazard logo out of some vinyl tape by hand more than 15 years ago and it's still in very good condition inspite of everything it's been through

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guitar modding/repair (1/5) 

i decided to restore and mod my first electric guitar which i bought in 1998/99. it's squier strat and it's nothing special as guitars go but it has a huge sentimental value. i dissasembled it long time ago but haven't done anything else as i didn't want to start anything without changing the frets first as the original ones were quite worn out. so i finally took the neck to luthier last week to re-fret it and got it back few days ago.

for anyone who has active speakers connected to computer which go into a powersave mode after some time of inactivity and wake few seconds after getting some stronger signal (and you don't like that) i've made a small script which plays high pitched (unhearable) sound every minute (triggered by systemd timer) while the monitor is on to prevent them from going to sleep:

new flipper zero update:
it's amazing how they managed to include so many things in that awesome little device

received a dock for my lovely psion revo plus today and the first thing i did was, ofcourse, put a linux on it. it's running kernel 2.4.18 :)

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Retro Terminals Bring Some Style to Your Desktop

It wasn’t so long ago that a desktop computer was just a beige box with another, heavier, beige box sitting next to it or maybe perched on top. They’re a bit more visually exciting these days, with even m…

Original tweet :

got a psion revo+ today (impulse buy on ebay). funny how this 20 year old device still feels much more high tech than a bunch of modern stuff. i planned to reuse the keyboard and case and upgrade it with new display and SBC but i'm hesitant as it's a really cool thing. now to find a way to transfer files to it...

lessons learned:
- after calibration, verify the calibration
- after soldering a component, verify it's properly soldered
- knowing some RF theory really makes a difference
- do it in small steps (and verify everything)
- RF is black magic...

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antenna matching for fun and profit. honestly, it stopped being fun like two days ago. but i'm getting really close!

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