Book readin’
I've been on a reading/book buying spree the last few weeks. The lit fiction writing group was rattling off a list of some things th

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Pluralsight is free for April. No CC required. I have yet to see what they have, but figured it might help someone.

It’s hard to stop using Amazon, y’all.
So I'm sure y'all have read the news in the last few months about Amazon wo

The value of text.
The monetary value of text, that is. Yes, we can easily attach sentimental or emotional value to words on a page or

My experience with NFT’s
So, given the little post I made previously about the booming world of Non Fungible Tokens, I figur

These NFT things…
In the last two weeks half of my artist friends have either set up shop on Opensea or have publicity condemned NFT


I started the fire yesterday at noon, done this morning. Getting better at the brisket game.

OGGie, OGGie, OGGie!
Oi Oi Oi! So for the youngest's birthday I ordered one of those SanDisk Clips and a set of low volume kids hea

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Super pleased with this, even on a wordpress install.

Ordering some cake
Made the call to HEB for the current youngest's birthday cake and cupcakes for school. Since she won't be having

Mobile Music: MP3 or DAP?
While my little ol flash Zune works great for me it doesn't work so well for the kiddos. The things t

Messing with theme again, images not acting right. Might try out one of these old wp themes from 2008.

RIP Fry’s
The Austin Location

Fry's Electronics shut their doors yesterday. It wasn't really a surprise to anyone who had been inside any of the store

What do you do when everyone is sold out of eggs? Go two towns over for breakfast tacos because that's what you were gonna use the eggs for in the first place.

Got Milk?
So we finally went out grocery shopping and managed to find some bottled water, bread, and milk. It took a few locations but we got most of what we needed for kids lunches and such. We lucked out that we had recently bought a deep freezer and put it in the garage so all our bulk meat was fine without the power on. Our garage, like most houses around here, isn't insulated so it's often the same temp as it is outside. I still haven't found eggs

Hey yall, this is Jet, I rebranded and moved stuff over to this account.


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