My Quarantine beard oficially entered Viking stage at this point.

I've almost forgotten everything I learned this year. My Norwegian goes nowhere.

So. I need to start over. Any Norwegians here ?

Okay, I have no idea what else to do. I need to check a webpage with error on Safari, but I can't. I do not have Mac (or Iphone).

I tried to use PlayOnLinux with Safari 5 but it is too old. The website doesn't load. Later I installed Gnome Web (which is based on WebKit too) but same problem.

Any suggestions (Please don't say to install Firefox or Tor, I have it) ?

Well, degoogled fairphone 3 is too expensive. However Galaxy s7 looks interesting. :)

Do you ship inside EU ? @e_mydata

Didn't like Space Force series ? Good for you. I enjoyed the show. Stop crying, you baby. 🤭

Just installed Ubuntu 20. Seems cool. Am I missing something here ?

I wanna sync two disks on my home server. What's the best tool for that ?

"all three companies reserve the right to collect information from your calls, including how long a call lasts, who’s participating in the call, and the IP addresses of everyone taking part "

In addition they never disclose what they really collect and how they use it.

What is the best browser in 2020?

How do you handle SPAM on private servers? Do you use any software (blocklists, filters, etc) ? Could you recommend something ???

I'm going to download Gentoo, NixOS and Arch. Let's see what's the best system.

What are your thoughts?

I've been analyzing Golang and Rust for some time already. In the end I've decided to use Golang for my new project. Maybe I'll switch to Rust in the future. The language is really promising and I like it. But it lacks some basic things. The modules feel raw.

What programming language is the best suited for high performance APIs ?

What is your favorite Linux distribution?

Does anybody know a good npm module with charts (time series charts to be used in ReactJS app) ?


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