If you are on it now, what are your plans to deal with CentOS 8 EOL? Migrating to ____?

So excited. Impatiently awaiting the arrival of my order. Can’t wait to get my mobile on

My first Defcon defcon.org/html/defcon-5/defco - I remember the talk by Ira Winkler in particular because I tried to buy some Defcon merch right after the talk but they said I had a counterfeit $20 that I got from the bank that morning.

My first Toot: Learning new jargon and cultural aspects here & in Fediverse. I work for large NGFW company currently. Been in InfoSec 20 yrs. Use various distros in my compatibility/interop test homelab. Looking to learn about Gemini, raspberryPI sw & hw, 3D printing, agri tech, VM, mobile privacy, social/chat FOSS options. Can’t claim to be coder but I aspire to be. Appreciate any follow recommendations or hearing about your favorites.


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