@artfulsodger Well, that gives you plenty of time to search for and pick the VR titles to try out? :)

I just completed Red Matter, a quite nice intro to VR even though it was kinda repetative. Boxing games is also great deal of fun!

@gruffymax My exact thoughts on the latest bump in price and I might go the same route as you. I need to settle on a hosted streaming solution first though.

@hund I have some good memories from CRUX. Been ages since I looked at it now though.

@ecliptik Seems sound for such image. I’ll take it for a spin as well!

@ecliptik FreeBSD jails are awesome! Easy and clean but very powerful!

ZFS available perhaps?

@hund Just watched Unchained and thank for the tip! Really good feeling watchin’ these people again. :)

@xpil It is cheap for sure, but I would add more security to such array. Resilvering of 2TB vs 8TB is really a different load.

@hund When you do get one then make sure to pair it with decent optics! Also remember that vintage lenses can be really awesome if you shoot in manual mode.

Lagom är bäst as we say here in Sweden.

I’ve been growing chilis for many many years and the irony is that this summer I will finaly build a greenhouse (which has been stored in garage since daughter was born) but I haven’t had the time to seed any chilis so I guess that will be a todo for next year. ;-)

@hund Indeed!

Hmm, my creative outlet is in form of code and by pressing the shutter button on my DSLR. Does that count? ;-)

I also happen to like chili (in all possible ways), and you too right?

@hund Same here and also being older brings new priorities such as family first. :)

Seems like we share more than a few interests besides FLOSS/FOSS.

@hund SM-champ in Enduro moved in nextdoor last year, so kinda hard to see and hear the fun toys... :)

May I ask why you quit riding?

@hund Well it ain't the cheapest of sports and another reason was a shift in interest.
Nowadays I only run a street bike (occasionally).

@hund I have missed that one and for the record I have quit MX three times.

I still have my set of Crusty demons of dirt (VHS). :-)

@ryo Hmm, both of those applications are new to me. Seems like two solid applications as well!

Any tracks available for listening perhaps? :)

@ryo sounds like an awesome weekend! Have you tried good old Protracker on the emulator? ;)

@ryo Oh, that brings back some good ol memories! :)

@danslerush Haha that is what I will shout out when I’m back working at office!

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