@freddylove such rig brings back some good memories! Awesome to see such hw. :)

@Mundon Yeah, parametric modeling is great!

In FreeCAD you can do that as well but it may not be clear from the start for us beginners. Just create a Spreadsheet in your project and add your values there and make sure to label them.

Then you can address these values in sketches using like Spreadsheet.labelxx.

Very powerful!

@Mundon OpenSCAD is nice but so is FreeCAD. ;-)

Designing something and then x hours later holding it in your hands is an awesome feeling!

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"I will slaughter you" - some emails penetrate even my thick open source maintainer skin. Like this threat.

@ernie .... those eggs are REALLY tasty! Have a nice one! :)

@floppy What kind of drone are we talking about?

I would start by checking the ESCs for those two motors and also the software (flight controller) and see if there are some bogus settings set.

@stimzim Any particular brewing method you starting with? ;)

@stimzim I say go for it! May I ask what the first steps on the agenda is towards this deep rabbit hole? :)

@ernie Good to hear! Starting a day off with a shitty blade is no fun.

My favourite is Dorco Titan. Really sharp and lasts long as well.

@ernie And now it is time for blade hopping or did you manage to pick a perfect blade directly? :)

@Mundon Looks like a nice printer! I’ve been rocking BLTouch on my CR10S for many years and it seems like a really solid probe.

@Mundon ABL is really nice to have! :) May I ask what printer that is receiving the upgrades?

@hund Sounds good! Before we became parents we did something similar. Every other thursday was free from computers etc. So we ended up playing much more boardgames, enjoying more advanced cooking and in short it became really good thursdays!

@hund If you want video, then you can go same route as we did a couple weeks ago. We got a wifi cam that now lives in its own vlan WITH NO ACCESS TO INTERNET and any other devices unless it is initiated by the other device. Also check that the cam provides an rtp-stream, which you can consume how you like.

@hund Congrats! :) Perhaps a threadripper as well so you can use make -j infinity ?

@bhibb I always find it to be a solid choice for server, especially with the beautiful combo using jails and zfs. :)

First workday done using the initial version of my keymap on Planck. Quite a few notes already on what can be improved and must be changed in the keymap.

Fewer PRs from me today and colleagues seems quite happy about it. :)

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