Soon to receive my first ortholinear keyboard and I wonder if there are any other coders/writers out there, especially nordic users since my keyboard will be a 40%-size which brings new challenges to me?

Size 40% brings some new challenges to me, so I'm looking for inspiration on how to construct keymap(s) and layer(s).

@0xedd1e I tried the Let's Split a few years ago. As a nordic person you can't have all the alphanumeric letters and the Enter at a comfortable place.

@hund Yep, and I guess I'll have to place the most frequently used special keys easy at hand (most likely through a layer) since the base layer will not include like ÖÅÄ or even numerical keys.

I'm still keen on trying this out though, but also at the same time open for tips/inspiration.

Perhaps create a keylogger that brings clarity to my most frequently used keys when coding perhaps and create keymaps based on that? :-)

@0xedd1e I know a lot of nordic people with various 40% keyboards. We're all different. :P

I'm confident they you'll get annoyed if you don't have åäö where you're used to have them. Perhaps it's better to move the Enter to your bottom left on the left and vice versa? :)

@hund Indeed, and different is a good thing. ;-)

I’ll try to ping you in a couple of months and we’ll see if the keyboard is still with me.

I’m going to use 1U size for all keys I think, so I guess I can move such keys around a bit. Also play with long-press functionality as well.

Ps. I checked out your website and seems we share quite a few views. Nice to see and read!

@0xedd1e Good luck! What switches are you going to use?

Thanks! I hope you enjoy my website. :)

@hund I was aiming to reproduce the feeling of the old Amiga 500 keyboard, so I have two sets (red and black) of linear Kailh Box switches.

It seems like this rabbithole is deep, really deep. Saw people pulling apart switches for lubing springs and what not. How deep have you gone? :)

@0xedd1e I like linears myself. :)

It's very deep! I have combined two different switches into one, swapped springs and lubed switches. Lubricating switches is sooo tedious!

Those switches turned out a bit too expensive in the end. I'm currently using some Gateron Reds now. They're cheap and you get a lot for the money. :) I have some high-end silent switches waiting for my new keyboard though. I paid €70 for them, so I hope they're worth it.

@hund I guess a Planck is a perfect fit then, with so few keys if I decide to go down to that level. :-)

Changing keyboard/switches often?

@0xedd1e Planck is a good keyboard, but I think there's cheaper option out there. :) There's a lot of open source projects on

Not really, my current keyboard should be almost 4 years now. :) I used to be a lot more invested with upgrading and bying new stuff when I was new to the hobby.

My next keyboard will be a hotswap keyboard and I wanted to try some nice switches. The good thing with hotswap is that it's easy to sell the switches if you don't want to keep them.

@hund Quite a few options on those sites, jikes! It is interesting to see that in this hobby ”sold out” is very common regardless of price/gadget.

Nice to hear that there’s a secondhand market for switches etc.

Any tips on an USB-C cable that is attached magnetically in EU? I have a 1-year old here at home that loves to pull and throw stuff...

@0xedd1e There's a lot more stores as well. :) And yes, "sold out" is way to common, but as a keyboard maker myself, I can understand them. :P

There's a HUGE secondhand market for keyboards and parts.

No, but I've been looking for one myself. I will let you know if I find one.

@hund Any particular stores you recommend? So far I have bought stuff from Candykeys (superb support there!) and massdrop.

@0xedd1e And there's also if you don't want to make it yourself.

@0xedd1e not nordic, but I’ve been using a keyboardio Model 01 for a few years now, love it. My layout, arrived at after much iteration, is here:

Getting used to an ortholinear layout definitely took a while but I could never go back now

@jamesnvc Nice to hear it is worth the effort and thanks for sharing the setup!

Do you remember how long it took to get used to the layout? I guess my colleagues at work will enjoy less PRs from me for a while. :)

@0xedd1e Maybe a week or two? It was a couple keys in particular on the inner columns that gave me the most trouble adjusting, but it wasn't that bad

@0xedd1e I use a Planck. QMK has some interesting tools to help with this.

Tap-Dance lets you bind rapid taps to a letter. That way you could do something like bind ooo to Ö. Tap-Hold is similar, but with holding the key instead.

If you're using the grid layout you could bind one of the space keys to enter, to move it out the way.

You could just put them on the Planck's default Lower/Raise layers. You'll need them for numbers anyway, and they're quick to access.

@bkhan Thank you for the clear pointers! I have been thinking of the long-press keys but a tapdance could also be worth evaluating.

I also hope VIA gets support for Planck soon as well so it is a quick task to alter the mappings. But perhaps the flashing is quick and easy as well?

Plan is to use Grid layout, so perhaps use raise/lower followed by a tapdance on the top right key could be a start.

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