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Please boost if you like , niche programming languages, retro computing, or smallnet, please. I'm looking for online nerd friends.

Zoey looking in from the catyard while I am providing a door for her and she probably thinks I’m stupid.

Z: I can just yell at you and you open the main door, so what is this for?

@garritfra Was enjoying some sun in our catyard and I saw that I still may be in the bonsai zone? Planted this Japanese Maple for about 5 years ago. :-)

@hund Just watched Unchained and thank for the tip! Really good feeling watchin’ these people again. :)

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"I will slaughter you" - some emails penetrate even my thick open source maintainer skin. Like this threat.

First workday done using the initial version of my keymap on Planck. Quite a few notes already on what can be improved and must be changed in the keymap.

Fewer PRs from me today and colleagues seems quite happy about it. :)

@hund The Planck is now built and all switches works! Required a bit of force putting them into the plate (way more than I expected). I went with the black switches. Now I have some adjustments to be applied to the gooey stuff between my ears to be able to write fast again. :)

I wonder how many projects there are that never gets released because the author is not satisfied with the code base or afraid of getting blamed (by the code in the project).

@hund Started listening to Trevlig mjukvara today that you listed on your site. Seems like a nice show! Have you listened to Kodsnack? They cover mechanical keyboards from time to time but also some interesting interviews and topics, all in a laid back style!

Soon to receive my first ortholinear keyboard and I wonder if there are any other coders/writers out there, especially nordic users since my keyboard will be a 40%-size which brings new challenges to me?

Size 40% brings some new challenges to me, so I'm looking for inspiration on how to construct keymap(s) and layer(s).


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