Image generated using the popular AI image generator website. 

It’s kinda the meme going around at the moment, computer generated AI imagery. This is one of the best I’ve found so far. boosted

Imagine if the "opt-out" option actually meant you were opted out. No questions asked.

We need #privacybydefault boosted boosted

Interesting result of the #elections in #Australia: the #climatechange denying liberals lose the election and the right to form a government.

The winners are #Labour, #Greens and #Independants. Great news, climate change is not a political opinion but the single biggest challenge mankind needs to take seriously and tackle.

Let's hope Australia will start to do just that while continuing to counter #China's various attempts to expand its sphere of influence in the #Pacific and #Oceania. boosted

Okay, I’m sick of your Birbsite RT spam. Any reference to Birbsite or “RT” has now been filtered. This isn’t Twitter, and I don’t care about your RTs from there.
Make a Mastodon account, come here, post here Birb should be the after thought. Any genuine interaction with me will be welcomed, just don’t spam me. boosted

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The current owners of George Orwell's house have a ring camera. Incredible, 10/10 irony, no notes. boosted

Wow, uBlock Origin doesn't go crazy on Mastodon. 😜 👍

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Imagine Star Wars, but, every droid in the galaxy is literally run by the Empire, they talk home to Coruscant every night for software updates, and the Rebel Alliance thinks this is just fine and doesn't understand how come they keep losing key battles

That's our future if we don't change the trajectory we're on.

I don't know how to make anyone who matters understand that.


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