Boost this toot to make Tux :tux: happy ;)
Software: LibreOffice Draw :libreoffice:

Playing with a CLI :terminal: browser with w3m 😁 Loaded up the Debian :debian: Wiki and it works! 😎

I am now in war of deciding KDE :kdenew: or Gnome :gnome: to be my main DE Driver πŸ˜–

*Unix porn* :tux:
Cool synth wave arch screenshot
Credits to: Dessalines
---Lemmy Account of creator---


Ugh Damn proprietary hardware are so unbelievably annoying! πŸ˜– 😫 / I am trying to install Debian(testing) and KDE plasma on a dell inspiron 11 p25t and the damn thing always has firmware issues with Debian. But with my main PC I built back in 2018 its like a breeze no issues at all (except for some NVIDIA drivers but that's NVIDIA and there BS *πŸ–• NVIDIA*) but other then that's all i wanted to toot about 😁. (BTW 2nd pic is not me lol got it from the web 😁 Its an example of the laptop)

Watching this Video + Listening to SomaFM = Sparked my hacker Heart ❀️ 😊
Video original name: Yuki Installs Gentoo

Here we go again πŸ˜…
(Just got home🏠 and this happen again)

My plan for Tomorrow is to dive deeper into the rabithole of Gnome :gnome: organization. I am going to find and confirm if the Code of Conduct problem is legit or not. I really want to believe that it was a misunderstanding or this could be I am experiencing one of the 5 stages of grief/loss

@freddylove @derek This is good bye Gnome :gnome:
(I am removing Gnome out of my life until they change there ways and mature like the adults that they are!)

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Dumbest thing I have seen all dayπŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ πŸ˜†

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Oh did I forget it mention runs Crap Windows :windows: my apologies everyone πŸ˜…. Every time even look or touch a windows machine my instinct is to throw it out of a window (little joke there if you did not catch it πŸ˜‰) No but seriously I can't stand it. :opensource:

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It unbelievable the amount of BS there is in the world now 😠 πŸ˜–. F-off spotify with that "Emotional prediction" crap!
I am going with Nuclear for now on. Or is there a better alternative (no offense @nuclear I like your software its just that you are beta soo... πŸ˜…) *Just Deleted Spotify* And so should you. Make a change to day! -proprietary -freedom

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