Just finished messing around in :minetest: for the whole day and I will say it was an awesome experience :ablobcatreach:
Its basically a world that you can easily control and manipulate every way shape and form to your greatest desires. Super fun! :blobcatblep:

=🏹My Favorite Videogames🎮 ⚔️=
1. Xonotic
2. Minetest :minetest:
3. Mindustry
4. Galaga / Tetris :tetris:
5. Chess

@0PT41N Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to checking these games out!
Also, have you heard of lib chess? I haven’t tried it yet but it sounds nice

@iFoss No problem :ablobcatwink:
Also I have not heard of lichess before. I have been using Knights(Linux :tux:), droidfish (android :android:) or using the stockfish engine.

@0PT41N @iFoss I used to play on, but I switched to Lichess. It's amazing, completely free and open-source :)

@thang @iFoss Ooo sounds interesting. I am such an open source fanboy :ablobcatrainbow:. Ill go check it out now :ablobcatwink:

Wow! Before I joined I first checked if there was a chess site like lichess but couldn't find it :blobcatcry:. Looks really interesting. I am going to go switch and delete my account. Thanks for the recommendation @thang and @iFoss :ablobcatattention:

@0PT41N +1 for minetest. Runs on Android too! The full game. You can install the same mods and connect to rhe same servers as the desktop client!

@0PT41N my favorite video games are:
1) Super Mario Bros.
2) Sonic The Hedgehog
3) Castelvania (2? or 3? - the one with Alucard, he had a whip made of chain. That one)
4) Final Fantasy (up to FF8)
5) Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past

My favorite PC Games are:
1) Guild Wars 1 (all 4 of them)
2) Diablo 1 - 3
3) Wizardry 1 - 8 (and gold edition)
4) Baldur's Gate 1 and 2 (with expansion on 2)
5) The 4th Coming

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