Playing with a CLI :terminal: browser with w3m 😁 Loaded up the Debian :debian: Wiki and it works! 😎

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Because 90% of the wiki is just plain text so its was bound to work 😁. It can also use duckduckgo :duckduckgo: and Wikipedia 🌐 which is awesome 😎

The best browser (actually a β€œpager β€œ):
Νo distractions;
No JavaScript.

I wonder when it will become a trend to make sites thinking about w3m and lynx users.

@olamundo Don't know, Maybe when more people moves over to Linux :tux: and learn about opensource :opensource: and use it more often πŸ€” 😁

Heheheh simple sometimes is key.

Hint: repos and universities sites usually work well under w3m. It is also pratical for quick DuckDuckGo searches. =)

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