Right now I am thinking of using Funk whale as an alternative to spotify But the problem is that some instances don't want users to upload copyright material. I have no clue how to verify if my music is copy righted and the second thing is that I bet most of them are copy righted πŸ˜…. So I was thinking of ether making my own pod(instance) or just joining another funk whale instanceπŸ€”


@paulopinto @nuclear Oh Nuclear is superior 😎! I apologize for the whole beta thing I said about them a few weeks ago 😞. From all the pain suffering i went thru. Nuclear is truly the best and the Next Foss alternative to Spotify 100% 😎 πŸŽ‰. I have tested almost every foss alternative to spotify and not one! could beat Nuclear! (Also I hope Nuclear would read this appreciation/apology toot 😁) :opensource:

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@nuclear @paulopinto I am really happy that the toot was able to reach to you and make your day a whole lot better! 😁 Keep up the great work on I truly believe that it will become a huge impact on the :tux: and :opensource: community. Also I am currently listening to my favorite band on And it works and sounds great! 😍 πŸ‘ (also I hope some one could create a custom emoji of nuclear for mastodon :mastodon: that would be awesome! 😎)

@joeligj12 @nuclear @paulopinto Ooo That would be interesting to see in the future πŸ€” 😁

@0PT41N @paulopinto @nuclear Been using Nuclear for a couple weeks, now. Definitely enjoy and appreciate it.

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