It unbelievable the amount of BS there is in the world now 😠 πŸ˜–. F-off spotify with that "Emotional prediction" crap!
I am going with Nuclear for now on. Or is there a better alternative (no offense @nuclear I like your software its just that you are beta soo... πŸ˜…) *Just Deleted Spotify* And so should you. Make a change to day! -proprietary -freedom

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@0PT41N Soulseek for PC, Freezer for Android. You are welcome :)

@0PT41N I would just download the music and listen offline.

@huy_ngo I got a HDD full of Music and Media (2TB to be exact and I need to more because I am at 95% full πŸ˜‚ )

@huy_ngo The reason that I wanted an online is so that I am able to discover new music or band

@0PT41N There's which lets you listen to song by genre.

@rsheftel I was also checking it out but I couldn't tell if it was Foss or not. Because they didn't promote there Opensource like every other Foss software πŸ˜•

@pleiades That reminds me of Napster from way back. They had a lawsuit because of legal difficulties over copyright infringement πŸ€”

@0PT41N I deleted Spotify and no regrets :) I use Metro on android for my music fix now
@0PT41N no, have not really been able to use my desktop since I've been doing crypto mining on it

@itZzenXX Here is my PC specs End of the day I invested in a rig for about 4,000 USD 😣 thats alota mons πŸ’Έ

@itZzenXX Thanks, It was also my first PC build I am pretty proud of it 😁

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