I got bad news everybody 😟. My Dog Linux got robed or in this case Dognaped in the afternoon. I was able to activate his microchip and flagged his chip so that if any vet were to scan it they would notify me immediately. Now I truly hate Mondays


Good news everyone its 01:32 where I am and its cold AF. also Linux has been found!πŸŽ‰ . When I was going to go brush my teeth and go to sleep I went and checked if he would come back from what ever place he was and all of a sudden I found him shivering on his bed out side and staring at me like a solder that was fighting in Vietnam. So I immediately brought him in side and grabbed his bed gave him some blankets and turned up the heater and feed him some food. He was so happy and so am I 😁

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@moddedBear Thanks 😁 πŸ‘ I am really glad that nothing bad happened to Linux. He was gone for a long timeβŒ› .

@0PT41N So happy to hear that you found him :D I'd be devastated if my Benji was getting lost :/ I feel with you for the pain in the night, and I'm really happy that you got him back :D

@sotolf Thanks πŸ˜€ . I hope that this kind of situation never happens to you or Benji because that would make me very sad and you getting stressed out trying to figure out where he could be. Its a really crappy feeling πŸ˜•

@0PT41N Yup, that knot in your stomach is terrible, we don't deserve dogs, they are so loving :) give them some extra cuddles from me today ;)

@sotolf Humans are mean and greedy. Dogs are loving loyal creatures that we use as emotional support. Your right we don't deserve them

@0PT41N Yeah, some times you just sit there and feel sorry for yourself, and they just comes and lies down looking up at you wagging their tail and everything is good :)

@sotolf Yeah just like that. And in return we are unable to fully pay them back for all what they have done for us not even puppy taxes

@sotolf All that we can do is also be there for them in return. there is a saying "Iron sharpens Iron" or "An eye of an eye" πŸ€”

@0PT41N Though I am very scared of dogs myself and avoid going close to them, I can understand how relieved you must be to have found him again. I hope he (you both actually) is/are in good health.

@vivaldinewton Thanks for the kind words 😊 . Also why not experiment this year. Try to adopt a puppy and learn how to bond with it. The best way to cure your fears or anxiety is by confronting them teaching your self that you can face any thing and anyone with out getting scared of it. It is a new year btw. Here in the US there is a saying that I herd of some ware "New Year New Me" its a rather interesting saying if you ask me 😁


I’m so happy for you! Guard him with your life! Xoxo πŸ’™

@AlohaPilgrim I will! I will Guard πŸ›‘οΈ him until the end 😎

@Mundon Thanks man πŸ‘ / It was cold as F@ that day πŸ˜„ poor thing was freezing. Glad I went and double checked just in case πŸ˜…

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