I got bad news everybody 😟. My Dog Linux got robed or in this case Dognaped in the afternoon. I was able to activate his microchip and flagged his chip so that if any vet were to scan it they would notify me immediately. Now I truly hate Mondays


Sorry If I bummed a few of you guys with its story 😅 I know its not cool to talk about this sort of stuff in social media

@0PT41N I’m so sorry to hear this. A friend of mine had their Dalmatian stolen years ago. His family got Ralph back but I saw the stress and upset it caused the whole family. I hope you have the same luck and get a happy return. 🤞

@minimlr Thanks man I really appreciate it❤️ 😞 👍 *snivels in the background*

@minimlr I am really happy that the family was able to get Ralph back

Of course it is. What else would "social" stand for?

I'm happy with you for Linux' return.

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