I am not sure if it was Flat Remix theme that i downloaded from pamac. But for some reason I am unable to launch terminal? Just like @sotolf says "I may have borked it" πŸ˜• even after the restart. And even reinstalling gnome-terminal. This is the first time in 3yr that some thing like this has ever happened?πŸ€” πŸ˜– this is supper annoying
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@e33 Told me to use "Timeshift" but it was to late
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@0PT41N @sotolf Can you jump in the Gnome settings and Manjaro settings apps and make sure your location and language are set? I had an issue where I couldn’t open terminal before and that ended up being the issue.

@Ateriath Why would that be the case. It wouldn't make any sense that a terminal requires location and language? πŸ€”
Ill try it anyways

@0PT41N This looks like what happened to me. First go into your "Manjaro settings manager" (note, NOT just "settings", search the above) and make open your locale settings. Set your system locale there as shown below, *then* go into the "settings" app and set the language. Does that make sense?

@0PT41N You may need to do a restart after or between these steps.

@0PT41N It work? Are you back to that sweet sweet command line?

@Ateriath I am Hoping 🀞
I am going to go restart brb πŸ˜‰

@Ateriath hahaha It actually worked?! but how and why? it just doesn't make any sense why would that prevent me from using the terminal?

@0PT41N YES! I HELPED! Not being a dev of any kind, I'm not exactly sure. I gotta think it's something as simple as the terminal not knowing what language to open in when it starts and just crashing out. I don't get how the locale got UNset for either of us. I just googled for the answer when it happened to me. This is the only instance I've ever heard of where the GUI rescued the terminal and not vice-versa.

Its all thanks to you @Ateriath 😁
even before the problem I was using terminal with out a problem? πŸ€” Its a very strange mystery?
call scooby-doo and tell him to get the gang. There is a mystery to be solved 🀣

@0PT41N @sotolf
Try re‐install and run it again, otherwise delete orphan libraries an run it again, if it doesn't works just save Ur data and re-install OS, rememberthat Manjaro is a rolling -release distro, so you just re-install to correct config instead of to correct software malfunctions.

@JhonLvpoz I did try to re-install but it did not work. Apparently the issue was some thing to do with the Language. Thanks to @Ateriath who was the kind person who helped me with the issue yesterday I was able to get it up and running again 😁

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